I love sharing the information I have learned with others.  In fact, it is a highlight of my job.  Over the last 4 years, I have presented to developer groups and conferences around the world on mobile application performance.  I love speaking in front of groups and sharing knowledge!

If you are interested in having me speak at your conference, please contact me!

Here are a few example talks I have presented at over the last few years (the map is color coded by year):


Feb 9, Cluj Napoca  GDG Cluj Napoca


May 12, Milan, Italy Google Developer Group

April 19, Nice, France Google Developer Meetup

April 12, Barcelona, Spain Google Developer Group

January 16, London, UK, Pubconf  Ignite Presentation


January 2016, London, UK, London Web Performance Meetup



November 2015 Dublin, Ireland Dublin Google Developer Group

November 2015 Brussels, Belgium Brussels Android Group


November 2015, Malmo, Sweden Øredev

I was lucky enough to have 2 presentations accepted.  “Being a Socially Responsible Social Developer” is about transmission of private data in your app.  The “Bad Implementations of Good Ideas” discusses a few case studies of applications that had good ideas, but built them in such a way that they cause performance issues.

October 2015,Amsterdam, Netherlands Velocity Conference  Bad implementations of good ideas: How systemic inattention to performance can kill your mobile app

October 2015 Dusseldorf, Germany Google Developer Group

October 2015 Vienna, Austria, GDG Vienna, AndroidHeads

September 2015 Berlin, Germany GDG Berlin and GDG Android

September 2015 Hamburg, Germany GDG Hamburg

September 2015 Hamburg, Germany Hamburg Webperf An update of my 2014 Velocity talk  Slides

September 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark GDG Copenhagen

February 2015, Seattle, WA, App Strategy Workshop, Application Developers Alliance – Technical Keynote

June 2014 Santa Clara, California Velocity Conference: What Make Mobile Websites Tick?


January 2014, App Developer Alliance “App Quality Workshop”, Seattle, WA

June 2013 Velocity Conference, Lightning Keynote: