I’m Doug.  I’ve been working on the mobile web and applications since EDGE (that’s 2G) was considered fast, and webpages used WML instead of HTML.

I have helped thousands of developers understand mobile application performance, and our audits have revealed many issues, that once resolved, greatly sped up the applications. These performance speedups also saved AT&T hundreds of millions of dollars in network costs (through data reductions).

A Google Developer Expert, I am passionate about helping companies and development teams meet their performance goals, and have worked with small one developer teams – to teams with hundreds of developers.  If you want to talk about a role, please contact me.

You can read about all the fun stuff I have done at work on my LinkedIn profile, or my resume.

While our home base is on an island outside Seattle, WA, I am currently traveling in Europe as a digital nomad with my family. You can read about our adventures on whichwayisadventure.


Here is a headshot for publicity purposes: