Flashing Android Devices on iOS

In the past, I have always used my corporate Windows machine to flash Android devices.  Samsung devices use Odin software for flashing, and it is typically Windows only.


There is a version of Odin for Mac from Casual, but I was unable to get this version to detect any of my devices.

What did work was using Parallels with an image of Windows 7 (i used Win 7 because I had an old product key I could use to download the iso file).  Setting up the Windows environment just involved walking through the install flow in Parallels.  Once I had Win7 up and running, I had to do a few things for the device to be discovered.

I downloaded the correct Samsung Drivers from Samsung, adb using the platform tools download, and the universal Android USB driver.  With these drivers, the Win7 environment could see my device (testing with ‘adb devices’ in the command line.)

Then it was just a matter of rebooting into download mode (adb reboot download), and starting up Odin to install the new package onto the phone.  It worked perfectly – just as ‘easy’ as it is on a native Windows machine.


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