Performance Expert and Developer Advocate

Hi, I’m Doug, and I’m currently leading Developer Relations at I am still available for short consulting regarding web/ mobile and media performance and also helping with your developer relations strategy.

Web/Application Performance Analysis

When content loads slowly, customers abandon the website or application, often to never return.  When performance improvements are made, companies find higher retention,  happier customers, and increased sales.

I’ve helped hundreds of companies identify and resolve major slowdowns in mobile apps and websites.  I’d love to help you with the same!

  • Identify and prioritize existing performance concerns
  • Web: desktop and mobile
  • Native apps: Android/iOS
  • Workshops/seminars on performance

My goal in helping your company with performance is to identify the issues, but also to help train your organization to identify future performance bottlenecks before they occur.

Developer Advocacy

A developer advocate helps bridge dialogue between developer communities and companies with great products.  We help bring feedback from developers back to improve the product, and also work to ensure that all the communications form the company is helpful to developers.  I can help your company with:

  • Documentation/Blog posts
  • Research
  • Video tutorials
  • Code samples/sample apps
  • Workshops
  • Speaking at conferences/developer meetings
  • Create a ‘developer voice’ for your community.

If you would like to have a conversation about your needs, please contact me.